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VMI Superheroes - WE DID IT! We raised £12K Cycling to help Victims of Landmines.

VMI Superheroes - WE DID IT!  We raised £12K Cycling to help Victims of Landmines.

We just crossed the £12,500 mark, thanks to very generous donations from several companies at IBC with just a little bit of persuasion!

In all, we have cycled for 30 hours and cycled 471km, cycling from London to Amsterdam and London to Bristol in two separate rides.


- Read the account and see the images 


 - Read the account and see the images 

FEELING INSPIRED AND WANT TO TAKE PART IN 2018 - Learn more and volunteer Now!

We started this campaign to raise 10K for Victims of Landmines for MAG (Mines Advisory Group) because every day 18 people are maimed/killed by landmines.

It's true - every day 18 people have their lives changed forever and the tragedy is that mostly this affects children, who are just playing.

It is a cruel, capricious act of deliberately maiming/hurting/killing people and in Syria is is becoming worse, with remote controls and fridge doors acting as booby traps in peoples' own homes when they return.

This is a charity whose aims are close to my heart and we have completed 2 events to raise money for this very worthy cause.



Sponsor us now and visit the Superheroes Justgiving Page


We cycled on 12-13 August from VMI's London HQ to the Bristol branch - just over 120 miles in 2 days OFF-ROAD and then again on 11-12 September, cycled from London to Amsterdam, for the start of the international IBC Television symposium.  This 257 mile trip (including ferry crossing) took us also 2 days and it was HARD.  

You are welcome to donate to our cause through JustGiving, just click on t he link above.

I have used Justgiving for a long time and they promise that your details are safe with JustGiving - they'll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to the charity. So it's the most efficient way to donate - saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Why I am raising for MAG

Some years ago I read a book called “One Step Beyond” by Chris Moon and it really changed my life.

It was about a marathon runner called Chris Moon who had an interesting life before being blown up by a land mine and losing an arm and a leg.  After he recovered, he continued to run marathons including the fabled “Marathon des Sables” which crosses the Saraha Desert and is accurately described as the toughest footrace on earth.

I was really inspired by his story and grit and also by the horror and inequity of the tragedy that landmines have on so many children who are entirely innocent of the conflicts which they are involved in, that I decided to collect for a mine clearing organisation called MAG.  They work tirelessly all around the world to help the 60 million or so people in conflict zones living in fear of landmines with the solid intention of making the world landmine free by 2020.

Thank you for reading my story, now please help these victims, whose lives were irrevocably changed in an instant.  

Every £10 will make a difference.

Donate £10 by Mobile Phone

It is now incredibly easy to donate.
To donate £10 (with your gift aid also added)

Text VMIH47 £10 to 70070


Our Corporate Sponsor Heroes have each pledged/donated £200. 

We embarked on this plan to raise money and the following companies dug deep and all have contributed at least £200.  Special thanks to West Digital, who upon being asked to donate £200, insisted on donating £500 - of course I said yes!

We had to finish the design by the end of June, so not all of these sponsors' logos are present on our 2017 shirts, but we hope that all will support us again next year and all logos will be present, so that all Superheroes will wear cycle jerseys complete with ALL sponsor logos.

Superhero Sponsors

Generous Superhero sponsors also include:

We sincerely thank all private and corporate sponsors, without who this ride would not be possible.  Your contributions will save lives and prevent children from being blown up.  

Ride 1: 12-13 August. London-Bristol.  138 miles (223km) - COMPLETED

We rode the 232km off road (which is much harder than on the road) from London to Bristol on the weekend of 12-13 August and this ride in total took us 14 hours to complete and was much harder than it might have been with a strong headwind on the first day and the pounding of the stones made our bums really sore.

So much so, that I cycled out of the saddle for the last 2.5 hours on the final day which was really draining!

We camped half way and arrived in Bristol at 5pm on Sunday to a heroes’ welcome.

See the full Image gallery here

 See the full route here.

If you are interested in taking part next year, then please email Barry 


Ride 2: 12-13 September. London-Amsterdam.  154 miles (248km) - DONE

This was a hard ride.

Barry Bassett and Jay Odedra completed the 154 miles (248km) in 2 days and the journey was beset by punctures and very strong winds!

The weather was great in London and we travelled through the centre of London passing the iconic Buckingham Palace and Olympic Statium, before travelling through leafy Essex, complete with its share of cars with large exhausts!.

Chau and Cath Chong provided a support vehicle which was greatly appreciated and after a hearty lunch of homemade pie and pasta, we rode on arriving at Harwich into the night.

The overnight ferry crossing was really unsettled and Barry only slept 1 hour and we realised why in the morning, when 100mph gusts of wind literally blew the cyclists over!

We decided the brave the wind but not all of it was bad, as for a period we had a very helpful tailwind which was appreciated but the uneven gusts made riding very dangerous!

We decided to adjust our route to travel more inland and passed the European Court of Human Rights at The Hague and almost exclusively travelled on beautifully maintained cycle paths all of the way into Amsterdam.

Taking a new route even took us directly to the path of the King of Holland!  THe police on duty took this in good humour and took our picture which is the one in a wood.

A short circuit on Google Maps provided an entertaining pictureesque detour, which we really didn't need after travelling for so long and then disaster!  Jay cycled into a tram track and had a hard fall just a mile from the RAI centre, where we went to collect Jays bags.  This was courtesy of Peter and the team from Photon Beard who also agreed to drive Jay's bike back.

We arrived at 5pm on Wed 13 September, having raised so far a confirmed amount of £9650 and further sponsorship confirmed at IBC, increased this total to above £12,000 and fully clear of the target £10,000 that we were aiming for.

Full gallery here or click on the image

The UK leg of the ride - including 4 x punctures!

VMI Superheroes Justgiving Site

I have used Justgiving for a long time and they promise that your details are safe with JustGiving - they'll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to the charity. So it's the most efficient way to donate - saving time and cutting


Barry Bassett, Managing Director, VMI.TV Ltd.  07966 531182

Feeling Inspired - want to support us next year?

2017 was the VMI Superheroes Ride but this was just the start.  Next year will be the Superheroes Ride which will be an Industry-wide event and we want as many companies to support and sponsor this.

There are 3 ways to support us:

  1. Become a Superhero Corporate Sponsor.  Pledge £200 for next year's ride and send Barry your logo for the shirts.  Promote the ride amongst your company and see if anyone wants to put themselves forward for any of the 2 rides next year.
  2. Volunteer yourself to be a Superhero for next years rides.  We plan a London to Bristol 2-day ride and also a 3-day London to Amsterdam ride to IBC.  You will have an element of up front costs to cover overnights and return transport but we plan to have full support with bike transport back to London and a vehicle, so that you don't have to carry all of your stuff.
  3. Volunteer yourself to help with the organisation of the ride.  These are very early days of this new event and so any help that you can provide would be fantastic!

Any companies/organisers or cyclists interested in taking part, then please email Barry.  







Original Details:

Ride 1: 12-13 August. London-Bristol.  131 miles (209km)

This is a ride from VMI's London HQ to the VMI Bristol branch.  It shouldn't be too challenging but for fun, we plan to camp overnight and have a nice barbeque and beers (weather permitting of course!).

Jay follows us in the support vehicle, carrying tents and BBQ, coolbox and beers.

 See the full route here.

Day 1 North Acton - Newbury (Oakley Farm Campsite) 62 miles (100km)

We leave London on Saturday 12th August and ride 65 miles, mostly along a canal tow path.  

Destination: Oakley Farm Caravan Park  Website Penwood Road, Wash Water, Newbury RG20 0LP

We strike camp in the evening and have some fun!.

Day 2. Newbury Campsite - VMI Bristol - 72.8m (116km)

A slightly longer ride which includes the Bristol and Bath disused railway cycle path.

Everyone will be expected to do some fundraising of their own) and above all else, this ride should be a lot of fun.

Getting home – Jay will bring the bikes back to London in the back of his Van and you will probably have to train it back home from Bristol back at your own expense too.


Presently riding are:

  1. Barry Bassett
  2. Ali Wilson
  3. Moses Fapohunda
  4. Jack Cherrington
  5. Kyle Brackenfield
  6. Jay Patel (in support vehicle)

Any other cyclists interested in taking part, please email Barry.  You will be expected to raise minimum £200 of fundraising.


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