Camera kits

Equipment List - Mounts

Halo Head

Used to create a hand-held look whilst on a tripod without compromising control.

MCS Twin Tube Paddle Mount

Extend or under-sling your camera over edges securely with the MOY Paddle Mount.

Ladderpod 14' (4.2m)

Ladderpod 14' (4.2m).

2 x stage Ladderpod min 8ft, extendable to 14ft (4.2m)

OrcaVue Life "Bullet time 360 Rig"

Unique 'Bullet time 360" rig for providing the ultimate 'hero' selfie.  

Traditionally, you needed a fixed rig of perhaps 50 DSLR cameras in a circle to make this shot with a lot of crew, knowhow and data.  Today, you only need a single GoPro and an OrcaVue platform.

Creates a unique shot when used in conjunction with DSLR/GoPro type cameras reminiscent of the Matrix "Bullet Time" shot which only makes sense when you see the shots that it facilitates.

OrcaVue Life Travel Package, VMI mod

Cinekinetic Cinesaddle Large

Large, suitable for HD and full-size camcorders.

Cinesaddle Mount

Panther Wedge/Tilt Plate (0-90°)

Variable tilt platform for camera mount from 0-90°. Flexible mounting options with 1/4´´ and 3/8´´ threads/screws on 4 sides. Very flat and heavy duty and only 4.5 cm (2´´) thick. Lightweight construction 1.5kg (3lbs) yet supports 30kg (65pl) payload. Several non stick rubber pads avoid slip during operation.

90 degree right angle mount

Right Angle Tripod Mount

A custom 90 degree camera mount for mounting a camera at a right angle for shooting in portrait mode. Load weight: 30kg

90 degree right angle mount

Spider Pod Camera Support (Spider Pod)

Portable tripod riser and standing platform to elevate both camera tripod and operator two feet with added stability.

Spider Pod Camera Support

ARRI Pump-up Steady Bag

The Pump-up steady bag allows a camera to be molded into a sand-filled bag and the air evacuated by means of a hand pump to make the flexible base firm, as an aid to providing a camera mount over an irregular surface.

Hollywood 3 x cup Suction Mount (Limpet Mount)

Designed for lightweight DV/DVCAM cameras and can safely carry loads of up to 22.5kg (50 pounds).

If you are using this device on a moving vehicle, then VMI strongly recommend that this device should only be used with a NVQ Level 3 grip as stipulated by the HSE.

Car Rig

Magic Arm with Camera Plate

Magic Arm, complete with K-clamp and camera plate for mounting small HDV/DV and DSLR cameras.

Magic Arm with Camera Plate

Cinetics Cineskates DSLR Tracking Unit

A versatile skater type dolly for DSLR and compact large sensor cameras up to 2.5kg.


Miller CAT311 Carbon Fibre Monopod (Solopod)

Very stable 3-stage precision telescopic lightweight professional monopod with 3 stage telescopic leg, comfortable neoprene grip suitable for small to medium-weight cameras.  

Miller Carbon Fibre Monopod

Manfrotto Aluminium Fluid Monopod with 500 Video Head

Manfrotto MVM500A (MVM-500A) Aluminium Fluid Monopod with 500 Video Head

Manfrotto MVM500A (MVM-500A) Aluminium Monopod with Fluid Head

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