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Panasonic HPX-250 P2 Camcorder with AVC Intra

HPX250 lightweight P2 camcorder from Panasonic. 2.5kg camcorder passed for Broadcast spec by BBC and others.  It features a similar spec to the HVX-201/171 P2 camcorders in all frame rates but with AVC Intra Codec.  It can be considered to be a camera that can be positioned as the successor to the HPX171 and a compact version of the HPX371. Built using the 1/3″ 3-MOS sensors of the HPX370, the HPX250 records to P2 media in AVC-Intra 100/50, as well as DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV. This is the first time that AVC-Intra 100 has been made available in a small form factor, so the ability to record a full 10-bit 4:2:2 I-frame image in a compact, 2.5kg pound package makes the HPX250 truly unique.

HPX-250 unconditionally Broadcast Accepted

The BBC accepts the Panasonic HPX-250 for unconditional HD Broadcast.  People have previously shied away from using P2, believing that the data requirement is too large and the transfer times are too long but this has all changed...

The Panasonic HPX-250 is capable of shooting in traditional DVCPro HD 100Mb/2 but also in AVC Intra 50Mb/second which is the same as XDCAM HD in size but is better quality. Read about AVC Intra

The HPX-250 is a small camera which really packs a punch.


  • 1/3” CMOS Sensor
  • 2.2M Pixels (1920x1080 Native)
  • 21x Optical Lens (28-588mm)
  • Three Ring Design (Focus, Zoom and Iris)
  • 2.5Kg Weight
  • 17W Power Consumption
  • AVC-I 50/100, DVC100 Codec for HD and DV/DVC25/DVC50 for SD
  • 50 & 60Hz support with VFR support
  • Support for P2 cards only
  • HDMI, HD-SDI, Genlock, Timcode and USB-2 Interfaces

Optional Century 0.8x zoom-through wide angle available

Gerard's Opinion

The camera is in all aspects identical as the 201/171 cameras but with the added AVCIntra codecs.

This camera has a much improved LCD screen ( still not as good as the xf305) and quicker dials to access variable frame rates shutter etc. the lens has a massive range from a 3.9 to 86mm (roughly a 18 to 400 35mm equivalent in angle of view)

Focus assist is now also possible with a expanded view zoom in function apart from all the other peaking functions!!
The camera also has timecode  and genlock bnc connectors for multicam set ups.
It also has SDI Out and hdmi and interesting still have the firewire DVC Pro port for live streaming.

The SDI and HDMI ports works together and is not a case of either one or the other so it would work with almost all the monitors.
It also has all the composite outpouts but in RCA mode.
Obviously the firewire mode only works in DV and DVCPRO HD mode and not in AVC Intra

There is also both USB host mode and device connectors so backing up cards from the camera is possible from the camera to an external drive without the use of a laptop.  We have had function before on all the Varicams and HPX 371 camera but never before on a compact P2 camera.

P2 Storage

This camera stores video to external P2 cards which are available to hire for this camera and VMI supply this camera with 2 x 64GB storage as standard (4 hours of AVC Intra 100):

VMI Standard Package

  • Panasonic HPX-250 Camcorder
  • Raincover
  • 2 x 64GB P2 Cards (4 hours HD storage at AVC Intra 50 codec 25p)
  • P2 single card reader included as standard.
  • Sachtler FSB-6 tripod or equivalent
  • Shotgun microphone

HPX250 lightweight P2 camcorder from Panasonic accepted for Broadcast use by the BBC and others. 2.5kg camcorder features a similar spec to the HVX-201/171 P2 camcorders in all frame rates but with AVC Intra Codec.


  • Rate:
    £125/day £500/week Add to Shoot Kit
Optional Accessories


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Useful Links

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AG-HPX255/HPX250 Recording Format & Recording Time

HD Format Pull down Codec & Recording Time (with two 64 GB P2 Card)
DVCPRO HD AVC-Intra 100 AVC-Intra 50
1080/59.94i Approx.128min. Approx.128min. Approx.256min.
1080/29.97p over 59.94i 2-2
1080/23.98p over 59.94i 2-3
1080/23.98pA over 59.94i 2-3-3-2
1080/29.97pN (Native)*1 Approx.128min. Approx.256min.
1080/23.98pN (Native)*1 Approx.160min. Approx.320min.
1080/50i Approx.128min. Approx.128min. Approx.256min.
1080/25p (over 50i)
1080/25pN (Native)*1 Approx.128min. Approx.256min.
720/59.94p Approx.128min. Approx.128min. Approx.256min.
720/50p Approx.128min. Approx.256min.
720/29.97p over 59.94p*2 2-2
720/25p over 50p*3 2-2
720/23.98p over 59.94p*2 2-3
720/29.97pN (Native)*1 Approx.256min. Approx.256min. Approx.512min.
720/25pN (Native)*1
720/23.98pN (Native)*1 Approx.320min. Approx.320min. Approx.640min.
SD Format Pull down Codec & Recording Time (with two 64 GB P2 Card)
480/59.94i Approx.256min. Approx.512min. Approx.512min.
480/29.97p over 59.94i 2-2
480/23.98p over 59.94i 2-3
480/23.98pA over 59.94i 2-3-3-2
576/50i Approx.256min. Approx.512min. Approx.512min.
576/25p (over 50i) 2-2

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